Collection & Use of Personal Info

Personal information is data that can be used to identify or contact a single person.

Enso Nails does not collect your personal information from you without your knowledge or permission and does not ask you for such information to access and use the website.

Like many websites, ours may actively collect and store personal information that you supply voluntarily while on the website, including sharing webpages via e-mail or by permitting you to communicate directly with Enso Nails.

We may collect passive information as you use the website for metrics such as IP address, cookies & web beacons.



Protecting your information and personal data is a primary concern to the Enso Team.  The information and personal data that is collected is stored on secure servers and Enso Nails take precautions to protect it.


Brand Protection


The Enso Team prides itself on being the most successful, highest volume, locally owned and operated nail salon in the area.  We encourage a fair, competitive market place but not everyone maintains the same ideal.  As our name has become synonymous with quality and upscale bespoke nail care we take a very proactive approach to combat the problem of unfair business practices.  We have and are prepared to take legal action against individuals and or competing businesses that slander our name and/or damage our brand value for their own personal gain.  We also routinely monitor activity to and from our site to protect against plagiarism of our intellectual properties.  If you have any information pertaining to any of these violations to the Texas Business and Commerce code and would like to submit an anonymous tip - please contact


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